LiquidMonster – is a biodegradable liquid cleaning compound specially formulated to remove hardened cement-based materials from different surfaces. One of the main uses of LiquidMonster is to remove hardened cement, concrete, cement plasters or grouts from the surface of ceramic tile, siding, glass, hand tools, sanitary and building structures without damage to the treated surface. It is also widely used for equipment and tool maintenance. LiquidMonster decomposes and softens hardened cement-based sediments and makes it possible to remove them with a high-pressure pump or stiff brush and cold water. Now, you can easily clean trowels and floats, screeds and concrete mixers, concrete pumps, mixer trucks and even the hood of your car from the unexpected concrete blob! 

LiquidMonster – is a new generation of cleaning liquids. It is non-fuming, non-toxic and biodegradable.  Unlike strong acids which damage and destroy surfaces such as granite and other stones, LiquidMonster does not! Strong acids will discolor coatings, LiquidMonster does not!  Strong acids will corrode metal surfaces, LiquidMonster does not! 

The important advantage of LiquidMonster is its high washing capability. Regular detergents are usually not stable in oxidizing compounds, so similar cleaning products may decompose concrete but fail to remove it from the surface. LiquidMonster contains the stable and effective detergent additive and not only decomposes sediments but easily removes decomposition debris. 

There are several similar products intended for the removal of hardened concrete, but we are sure that only LiquidMonster will be the best solution for you!  Most of these concrete dissolvers are based on strong acids such as hydrochloric acid.  These acids themselves and their vapors are very dangerous. Such compounds are usually used for industrial outdoor applications only.  These cleaners are very corrosive and cannot be used to treat decorative or painted/varnished surfaces. LiquidMonster can be used both indoors and outdoors without the need for respirators or special protective clothing.

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