EpoRock - epoxy-based compounds for installation of monolithic floor coatings both for residential and industrial application. We suggest materials for thinly-applied, self-leveled and trowelled coating, as well as for decorative coatings filled with colored chips, quartz or glass. We also offer additional products such as primers and joint sealants. We help you select and purchase the correct coating and the necessary equipment and tools. We offer comprehensive technical support and even practical classes for the installation process, if necessary. Please note, that we don't support any stock program for EpoRock products. All materials are produced for the particular project according to its specific requirements. Please contact our Manufacturing Department for a technical consultation or our Commercial Department to schedule an inspection of your job site or arrange an order.


IMPORTANT! We never pack EpoRock products in drums or 5 gallons pails. All of our materials are delivered in factory pre-measured kits. Each kit is conveniently designed for individual mixing. 


You can arrange an order for the following materials: 

Epoxy Primers - both general purpose and custom according to special requirements.

Epoxy Binders and Fillers - for patching, leveling and other repairs.

Epoxy and Epoxy-Urethane Binders and Fillers - for different types of broadcasted coatings (clear or any custom color). 

Epoxy Binders and Fillers - for trowelled coatings (in natural or any custom color).

Epoxy and Epoxy-Urethane Compounds - for self-leveling coatings (in any custom color).

Epoxy and Epoxy-Urethane Finish Coatings both general purpose and custom according to special requirements (clear or any custom color).

Semi-Flexible Epoxy-Urethane Joint Sealant - two-part, self-leveling material (in any custom color).

Related Products, Installation Equipment and Tools - all that you need to install coating properly.