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Our products include a wide range of materials for concrete work and flooring applications.  General descriptions are below, detailed information about particular materials can be found by clicking the menu on the left side of the page.  If you have any questions about application and/or properties of our materials please don't hesitate to contact our Manufacturing Department. To make an order, please contact our Commercial Department, use an appropriate form found on the website or purchase online, if available.

Concrete Hardeners and Water Repellents - LiquidRock (refer to the chart below to choose a correct material for your particular application).    


LiquidRock - a family of silicate-based concrete hardeners and water repellents. They are used for dustproofing, hardening, increasing wear/chemical resistance and reducing water absorption of concrete surfaces. LiquidRock products are water-based mixes of catalyzed silicates and special additives. After their application on the concrete surface, a chemical reaction with silicates results in the formation of hard crystals and insoluble compounds. Organosilicon additives provide sustainable hydrophobic properties. We suggest both general purpose sodium-based materials and lithium-based materials for decorative applications.



Concrete Dissolver/Remover - LiquidMonster. 


LiquidMonster - a biodegradable liquid cleaning compound. It removes hardened cement, concrete, cement plasters or grouts from the surface of ceramic tile, siding, glass, hand tools, sanitary and building structures without damage to the treated surface. It can clean trowels and floats, screeds and concrete mixers, power trowels and concrete pumps, mixer trucks and even the hood of a car!  

Epoxy-based compounds for flooring applications - EpoRock.


EpoRock - a family of epoxy-based compounds for installation of monolithic floor coatings both for residential and industrial application. We suggest materials for thinly-applied, self-leveled and trowelled coating, as well as for decorative coatings filled with colored chips, quartz or glass. We also offer additional products such as primers and joint sealants. We help you select and purchase the correct coating and the necessary equipment and tools. We offer comprehensive technical support and even practical classes for the installation process, if necessary.