LiquidRock - liquid concrete hardeners used for dustproofing, hardening, increasing wear/chemical resistance and reducing water absorption of concrete floors. They are water-based mixes of catalyzed silicates and special additives.
A chemical reaction of the compound, migrated deeply to the concrete pores with the remaining portlandit Ca(OH)2 and/or Ca2+ ions, results in the formation of hard crystals and insoluble compounds. Presence of organosilicon additives in the compound additionally provides sustainable hydrophobic properties and significantly improves the operational performance the surface. These hydrophobic properties make the material attractive for use in open areas such as parking lots, patios, driveways, playgrounds, etc. 

LiquidRock SH is a sodium-based compound. This is a cost effective general purpose hardener for residencial and industrial applications.

Click here to download LiquidRock SH Technical Data Sheet

LiquidRock LH is a lithium-based compound. It hardens concrete better due to a faster and more effective reaction. This is the best finishing product for polished, colored and other decorative concrete because lithium-based compounds don't have a tendency to form a muddy/grainy film on the surface.

Click here to download LiquidRock LH Technical Data Sheet

LiquidRock S is a special high-efficient export version of the sodium-based compound. This is an improved hardener for heavy duty industrial applications.