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MATERIALS & EQUIPMENT USA, Inc. is part of an international group of companies, specialized in manufacturing and distribution of materials and equipment for concrete placing, finishing, sealing and coating. 

We also suggest comprehensive services including technical support, concrete treatment and turnkey installation of different floor coatings.

Our customers include sole entrepreneurs and general contactors, homeowners and large industrial manufacturers.


Our Products:

LiquidRock - a family of silicate-based concrete hardeners and water repellents. They are used for dustproofing, hardening, increasing wear/chemical resistance and reducing water absorption of concrete surfaces. We suggest both general purpose sodium-based materials and lithium-based materials for decorative applications.

LiquidMonster - a biodegradable liquid cleaning compound. It gently removes hardened cement, concrete, cement plasters or grouts from the surface of ceramic tile, siding, glass, hand tools, sanitary and building structures without damage to the treated surface.

EpoRock - a family of epoxy-based compounds for installation of monolithic floor coatings both for residential and industrial application.


We suggest the following services:

Residential floor coatings may be installed in garages, basements and other rooms. They make floors water resistant, aesthetic and hygienic. We offer a lifetime warranty from water damage (including flooding).

Industrial floors coatings may be installed in various commercial and industrial buildings. We offer many types of coatings, which are affordable and attractive; heavy-duty and chemical resistant coatings, slip-resistant and smooth coatings, wear resistant industrial and attractive commercial coatings.

Prevention/Renovation services of existing concrete surfaces (floors, driveways, etc.) including crack repairs and treatment with chemical hardeners and water repellents.


We suggest the following equipment and tools (export only):

REED concrete pumps and gunite machines - for customers located in C.I.S. and Baltic countries.

MARSHALLTOWN and KRAFT TOOL professional concrete tools - for customers located in Russia.

SPE and BW Manufacturing shot blasting and scarifying machines - for customers located in Russia.

Wide range of equipment for concrete placing and finishing - for foreign customer whose territory isn't covered by other distributors.

We suggest delivery of such equipment and tools directly from the U.S. or via our international network.